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Friday, May 05, 2006

Blogger analysis of LeBron's game-winner

Free Darko and The Mighty MJD both had excellent reviews of LeBron's game-winner. MJD thinks the shot had little to do with LeBron's greatness. Instead, he credits the pathetic Wizards defense for allowing LeBron to catch the ball in the corner and waltz to the basket. Meanwhile, Free Darko agrees that LeBron's bucket looked easy enough that it's not hard for us to discount it. However, he makes the excellent point that LeBron makes EVERYTHING look easy. Would another player have been able to do what he did in that split second? Would another player have been able to quickly read the defense, explode around Jamison, tip-toe the baseline, and make a swooping layup from under the rim, all under the pressure of your first playoff overtime? I tend to agree with Free Darko on this one. There's definitely a middle ground that takes into account both the Wizards' atrocious defense and a precocious young star's innate ability to take advantage of it under pressure.

Take a look:

The Mighty MJD

Free Darko

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