Gilbert's Arena

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Don't Cry, I'll Be Back Soon!

I'll be out of town until Monday, so check back in on Monday night or Tuesday morning for my post to wrap-up the weekend's action.

It's a quiet off-day in this series, and most of the attention around the NBA is focused on the Lakers upset of the Suns last night, highlighted by Kobe's vicious dunk on Steve Nash (which can be viewed HERE). The Zards and Cavs get back at it on Friday night at 8pm at Gilbert's Arena. Uh... i mean the Verizon Center. Game 4 will be Sunday at 7:30pm. Thanks to Tuesday's cheeky shenanigans, home court advantage is ours now, so if we defend our turf the next 2 games this series belongs to us.

Around the web:

> Washington Post:
1) Wizards should stick to the game plan from Game 2
2) Haywood is doing a great job on Big Z

> Cleveland Plain Dealer:
1) LeBron BeFuddled
2) Drew Gooden came up big in Game 2
3) a report on the Cavs home crowd in Game 2

> Yet another story about Tough Juice’s hard knock life.

> Here's a random Cleveland area paper/journal/almanac that seems waaayy to into the Big 3. It's like they're trying to bait them into being overconfident.

> This is a couple days old, but it has the transcript of Brian Windhorst’s ESPN Insider chat about LeBron. It’s also interesting to note Windhorst’s prescient analysis (at the top of the page) after watching Game 1 on tape: “I couldn't believe how everything went the Cavs way, like the Wizards missing key open shots and not taking advantage of so many things that could’ve shifted the tide. What I'm saying is, I really expect things to be very different (in Game 2).”

> This is about a month old, but i just found it. I would find it hilarious if I hadn't spent an hour last weekend listening to a friend from San Jose scream about Baron Davis' shot selection and Mike Dunleavy's contract in a frustrated rage. Now I just feel kind of bad for Warriors fans. God knows we Zards fans have been there before.

> Gilbert quote of the day: "Once I threw my jersey to this petite woman in the stands, and this guy basically snatched it away from her. She looked at him for a minute, and then she started to punch the guy in the face."

Enjoy this weekend's games (and the NFL Draft), and check in with Wizznuttz or Mr. Irrelevant if you need your Zards fix.