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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Game 5 Log

This isn't a cheezy attempt to imitate the Sports Guy's running diaries. I'm just so worked up for this game, I need somewhere to channel my nervous energy. I'll probably still end up biting halfway through my finger nails. Here goes:

1st Quarter:
- Gil is starting the game off aggressive, attacking the rim. In the first 5 minutes he's gotten to the rim 3 times.
- Lebron is passive early, letting the game come to him. It looks like Jeffries is the primary defender tonight.
- Butler is matched up with Snow. Caron's gotta exploit that.
- Hughes is hot early. This isn't a good sign. However, the Zards are getting most of their points at the rim. That IS a good sign.
- The refs are clearly calling it very tight tonight. Every little bit of contact is a foul. And as I typed that, they just called a BS flagrant on Etan. He went for the ball and came down through the ball. With the help of the flagrant, the Cavs just went on a 7-0 run, all at the FT line.
- End of 1: Was 27 - Cle 25. Jamison has 10, Gil has 12 (two 3's, two layups, two FTs). Larry Hughes has 11 on 4-5 shooting. James has a quiet 8.

2nd Quarter:
- Lebron just got called for a travel! There is a god!
- Butler is really struggling. He should be scoring over Snow easily.
- This is outrageously tight officiating. Hughes just got called for a hand tap, then Varejao got a foul on a bump, followed by Ruffin on a bump. The refs aren't allowing any flow to this game.
- Gil is heating up. After back-to-back 3's, he's got 4 for the game. One was a ridiculous fastbreak pull-up three. Jeff Van Gundy chimed in to say "That's not a good shot, unless it's Gibert Arenas." Gil needs to be careful not to start settling for jumpers.
- Defensively, we're not stopping LeBron's penetration. Move your feet! Take charges!
- The offense is all Gil and Antawn at this point.
- Lebron just has a ridiculous sense of entitlement. He's crying about EVERYTHING.
- What happened to Larry Hughes this quarter? Where are Gooden and Z?
- And Lebron just cried his way out of a blatant charge to close the half. Unbelievable. Sir Charles at the half: "It's like the refs huddled and said 'that's LeBron, we can't give him his 3rd foul.'"
- End of 2: Cle 52 - Was 51
- Cleveland has 25 FTs to Washington's 8 (11 for LeBron, and he's still crying!!)
-Gil has 20, Jamison 20, and Butler just 3. LeBron has a steadily efficient 23.
- Foul trouble will be an issue in the 2nd half, thanks to the tight officiating. Jeffries and Haywood have 3 fouls, and Antawn and Butler have 2 each.
- Gil had zero points in the last 8 minutes of the 2nd. With his first-step, it is absolutely beyond me why he just disappears for long stretches. He should always be attacking the basket to create for himself and others.

3rd Quarter:
- Butler starts off with a quick jumper and a steal. Let's get it going, Caron!
- Ugh, its a lackadaisical start for the Zards in the 3rd. Nobody is getting back, LeBron just had a vicious put-back dunk, and we gave wide-open j's to Gooden and Z.
- Gil's been effective tonight when he posts up Hughes, both passing and scoring. I haven't seen much of that from Gil this year, but from what I've seen tonight, he should do it more.
- Arenas attacks the basket and draws an and-1 on Big Z, his 4th foul. In a game called so tightly, Gil should be living in the paint, racking up fouls on the Cleveland big guys.
- Wow... even I can admit that should have been a charge on Gilbert. Instead, that's 4 fouls on LeBron. I guess that's a makeup for the one at the end of the first half. Either way, he should have 4. On the bench, LeBron's lips just mouthed something along the lines of "the refs won't let me play the MF-ing game!" What a baby.
- This is a huge stretch. Can we make a run without LeBron in the game?
- OK nevermind, nobody's getting back for the Zards. The King-less Cavs are getting easy transition buckets.
- Arenas is bombing 3's again. He's over 3o points with 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, and he's 6 for 7 from three. Is the big run coming here? Van Gundy is SWEATING Arenas right now. Some tidbits: "greatest 2nd round pick ever", "yes, I'm fawning over him", "very few have his combination of quickness and skill"
- Nope, still no run. Instead, there's a jumper for Snow, some turnovers, nobody's getting back, Varejao's getting offensive rebounds. GUH.
- Butler's just not getting it done offensively. Antawn had to come back in even though he has 4 fouls.
- Larry Hughes just hit a 3?! And now we're getting killed by Flip Murray! What the F? Who are these guys?
- And it's Murray again at the buzzer. That's 10 points in the quarter for Flip, thanks to horrendous Zards D.
- End of 3: Cavs 85 - Zards 81
- Phenomenal job by the Cavs protecting the lead without Lebron (even extending it by 3 points). Meanwhile, James is barely paying attention on the bench, still moping and crying. What an unbelievable baby. Support your teammates!
- Arenas has 34 (14 in the 3rd quarter), and Jamison has 25. LeBron has 25 (just 2 in the quarter), Hughes has 20, Flip has 10 (4-for-5), and freaking Snow has 10 (5-for-7).

4th Quarter:
- It's officially time to start freakign out. I'm sweating through my shirt, and it's not even hot in here. Is there any way this doesn't come down to another James/Arenas shootout?
- Just like that, it's an 8-point hole. Thats OK... we prefer to play from behind...
- Apparently standing with your arms straight up while the shooter jumps into you is a foul when you're guarding LeBron. Jeffries is going to foul out of this game having committed one legitimate foul.
- WOW, a ridiculous spinning 20-ft fadeaway from LeBron, but Antawn answers with a quick three.
- The Cavs are abandoning all pretense of an offense at this point. They're just isolating LeBron on the wing. It's safe to say that Jeffries is going to foul out in the next 2 minutes.
- And just like that, Jeffries is on the bench with 5 fouls, so now Butler is on James. Caron has 3 fouls, so he can be a little more physical.
- The 4th is halfway gone and the Cavs are still up 7. We need to get some stops and force some turnovers if we're going to make a run. The pace has slowed to a crawl this quarter, which is perfect for the Cavs.
- Where's Gilbert? He's been conspicuously absent this quarter. Daniels, Jamison, and Butler are taking all the shots. Gil is just standing around the perimeter. Get the rock and attack, for the love of god!
- Now Butler has 5 fouls too. How are we going to stop James? This is NOT good.
- Daniels layup, Butler steal, Jamison three, and its a 3-point game!
- But James won't miss. Christ, he's gotta be on pace for 50 in this quarter alone.
- Arenas is still nowhere to be found. He's not even involved in the offense. He's 1-for-2 in the quarter, James is 6-for-8.
- Jeffries just fouled out by bumping LeBron's forearm with his stomach. LeBron's ability to lead with his forearm, create contact with that arm, and then get the call is just ridiculous.
- LeBron buries both FTs, making it a 7-point game with just over a minute left. I'm not giving up hope yet, but I don't see how we're going to pull this out.
- Apparently Daniels has decided to do his best Arenas impression in Gil's absence. AD's 3-point play cuts it to 4 with a minute to play.
- Iso for LeBron... Zards double him... jumper for Snow.... Nope! Zards come down... Jamison floater... nope. But Caron boards... tough layup... YES! 2-point game! Cavs timeout with 35 seconds to play!
- Hmm... let me guess... the Cavs will isolate LeBron on the wing?
- Yep. Here's the double... LeBron swings it... stolen by Arenas! NO, out of bounds. Good god!
- STEAL!!!! Butler layup! TIE GAME!!! HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!!
- OK... well... its gonna be LeBron's ball with 7 seconds left. We have to double him again, right? Make Eric Snow or Flip Murray beat us with a jumper. Or maybe Lebron will take 5 steps without dribbling to beat the double-team.
- I think i just peed myself a little bit.

Freaking Overtime:
- OK, I'm back from a jog around my apartment complex. My hands are still shaking like a crack fiend's, but at least I can sort of breathe now.
- Maybe Gilbert will show up for overtime?
- Wise words from my boy Maxico: "Close games are only great experiences in retrospect. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar or not a real fan. I don't feel healthy." I couldn't agree more.
- First possession, Arenas scores on the post. OKAY
- Jeffries is gone, Butler has 5 fouls, Jamison 5, and Arenas 4. Like I said before, this is going to be a factor.
- Eric Snow has all 6 Cavs points in OT??? What in the hell? He's got 18 tonight. Thats 4 more than his season high!!
- Gil has 4 points in OT so far (and 40 total). Come on Agent Zero, take this game over!
- Man... Butler missed a FT and then Jamison missed a layup and a FT. Throwing away 4 points like that will come back to haunt us. The game is still tied though. And after an awful start, Butler has willed his way back to 18 points on 8-for-16 shooting, 10 boards, 5 assists, and 4 steals.
- Why isnt the ball in Gil's hands? We're running a 2-man game with AD and Antawn, and it led to an AD fade away 3! What are we doing???
- Okay, Butler is just a F-ing badass. What a tough MF-er, he's relentless. It's a 1-point game with a minute left after Tough Juice's huge offensive board and subsequent FTs.
- Drew Gooden has now fouled out of 10 of his 13 career playoff games!
- A steal and a full-court layup for Gil! 1-point lead! YEA BABY!
- This Lebron "we are all witnesses" commercial right now is killing me. KILLING ME.
- LEBRON JUST PLOWED OVER CARON AND THEN FOREARMED HIM TO THE GROUND, AND THEY CALLED IT ON BUTLER! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME?! That's about the 9th foul that LeBron's drawn by jamming his goddamn forearm into Caron or JJ.
- Butler's gone, and LeBron hits both free throws (with an emphasis on "free", as in "free gift"). 25 seconds left, Zards down 1.
- GIL GETS FOULED ON THE DRIVE. 2 FTS with 3.6 left. I seriously might hurl...
- That's 1! Tie game...
- Definitely might hurl.
- That's 2! So clutch! 1-point lead!
- I don't know what to do with myself right now. I can't feel feelings anymore...

- You know LeBron's gonna take this no matter what. It's gonna be one of those tough fade-aways.
- Caron and JJ both fouled out because of James' forearm, so who's gonna guard him? Oh god... Ruffin.


i'm gonna go barf


  • Last night left me devastated. Everyone knew Jesus Bron Bron was going to get the ball, and everyone knew he wanted to drive to the basket to score and/or draw a foul. To allow him to (1) get the ball on the run (2) towards the basket, and then (3) give him baseline is just embarrassing. Howevah! The Zards seem to play their best games with their backs against the wall, and an elimination game at home could give them the momentum and allow them to force a Game 7 Bron Bron coronation at the Q. Go Zards!

    By Anonymous Travis, at 11:51 AM  

  • Man i noticed when lebron hit the gamewinner you just ended your blog i actually was looking forward to what you would say. but yeah good game but im a cavs fan and Go CAVS!!!

    By Anonymous William, at 12:25 AM  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:27 PM  

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