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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Washington 116, Milwaukee 103

What a performance tonight by the Zards! That was EXACTLY how we need to play in the playoffs. Arenas dropped 43 points, got to the line 19 times, and took over the game offensively in the 4th quarter during a 29-13 closing run. Jamison and Butler both shot 50%, and each had 20+ points and 9 rebounds. Most importantly though, we played the game at our pace. We pushed the ball constantly without forcing anything (just 9 turnovers), and attacked Milwaukee on both ends of the floor (16 forced turnovers, including 10 STEALS).

The Bucks gave us their best shot, too. TJ Ford played as well as I've ever seen him play (26 pts, 8 ast, 6 reb, 4 stl), and Michael Redd was absolutely unconscious in the 2nd half and finished with 43 points. In the end though, the Bucks couldn't stay under control while playing at the Wizards frenetic place. Eddie Jordan made the Bucks play OUR game, by playing Jared Jeffries at Center for most of the 4th quarter. In response, Terry Stotts had to take Jamaal Magloire out and go small. The Wizards are a far more comfortable team in the full-court game than the Bucks, and Milwaukee showed it by turning the ball over and committing silly fouls. We really can't play any better than we played tonight, so that's a great sign heading into the opening weekend of the playoffs.

We're heading to Detroit Wednesday night for our final game of the regular season, and we're in the driver's seat for the 5th playoff spot. Indiana and Chicago are in our rearview (1 game back with a game to play) and Milwaukee is lying in a heap at the side of the road (1.5 back with their season over). Detroit has nothing to play for and their starters will be on the bench, so we should be able to take this one if we come out playing hard.

Here are the scenarios going into the final day:

1) If we win, we finish 5th and play the Cavs. Yay!
2) If we lose, and just Indiana wins, we finish 5th. (Cavs! Woohoo!)
3) If we lose, and just Chicago wins, we finish 6th and play the Nets... :(
4) If we lose, and Indiana and Chicago both win, we finish 7th and play... Miami! NOOOOO!


  • one down one to go. i admit i was pissing myself when Redd lost consciousness in the third quarter.

    By Anonymous Unsilent Majority, at 12:30 PM  

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