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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Big Game Tonight in Milwaukee

The Wizards can clinch a playoff birth tonight with a win at Milwaukee. Not only that, but a win would give us a 3-game lead over the Bucks for the 5th spot, with 4 games to play. Indiana plays a weak Celtics squad at home tonight, so there's a good chance that both Indiana and Milwaukee would both be just a game behind us if we lose tonight.

Milwaukee is a very well-balanced team, with plenty of ball handlers (TJ Ford, Mo Williams, Charlie Bell), wing shooters (Michael Redd, Bobby Simmons), and quality big men (Andrew Bogut, Jamaal Magloire, Dan Gadzuric, Joe Smith). They're still a pretty young team, so they are inconsistent, but they can be scary when they put it all together at the same time. They can also be scary when Redd gets red hot (no pun intended), or even Mo Williams. Williams dropped 35 on us in an unbelievable performance in December, including 14 points in the 4th quarter and a game winning 35-foot 3-pointer at the buzzer. It's a little known secret that Williams may actually be a better PG than the much-hyped TJ Ford, and I'm sure that the Utah Jazz wish they had held onto him last year instead of rolling the dice with Carlos Arroyo, Raul Lopez, and Keith McLeod.

Milwaukee has enough skilled offensive guys to score with us, and to outscore us if we don't have Butler, so I think our defense is going to be the key to this game. We can't give guys like Redd, Simmons, and Williams open looks from 3, and we have to keep their active big men off the boards and prevent 2nd chance points. Our best chance to win is to keep them under 100 and get solid offensive peformances from Arenas, Jamison, and AD (assuming Butler doesn't play).


> Caron and Etan couldn't return to practice and Gilbert's back still hurts, so EJ opted for a film session over practice yesterday: Washington Post.

> The Cleveland media thinks Cavs-Wizards will be the best first-round matchup. Thanks for the jinx guys. Like the playoff t-shirts weren't enough already.

> Caron Butler thinks he would have been an All-Star if he had started during the first quarter of the season: Racine Journal-Times.

> I think this may be the secret to Miami's success against the Wizards.


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